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December 11, 2022 - Trixi Stumpp

What was your Thundermother Moment 2022?

Jennifer Purdy

My 1st time seeing them was this past August. They opened for The Scorpions at Pine Knob in Michigan, USA. I was blown away!🤯 I bought 2 of their albums (CDs) the next day. They are bad ass!! I am so happy to see these ladies rock out! Rock n Roll is alive and well!! I hope you all come back to my area next year!!♥️🤘

David Wozniak

Tampa show when i found out whitesnake canceled didn’t know what to expect and i was never more surprised that this all woman group i never heard of absolutely blew me away with their show

Beatrix Stumpp

I had a lot of great moments with the band this year. We had our pizza party in Hamburg, Langeness was great again and Wacken was great. I always enjoy every moment, especially the short meetings and the smalltalk with the band.

James Porter

Seeing them in a tinybut amazing Rock club in Bradford.. they rocked it

René Gärtner

Saw them twice this year. First in Austin at Stubbs BBQ (flew in from Germany this day to visit my Dad for two weeks) – and the day after in San Antonio (got a guitar pick from Filippa) with Scorpions

Alan Krencik

Filippa giving me a hug, on my birthday.

John Reid

I travelled from Norrköping to Gothenburg on the 16th of June to see Evergrey and Thundermother play at Liseberg. I got to meet the ladies and have a great chat with them, see their soundcheck from close up and they even gave me a tour t-shirt, which they also signed for me! What a wonderful concert it was too! Both bands were on 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Sarah Morrigan Persson

Before going to Copenhell my lady and I had bought and listened to some older albums. Due to the exit of several members, I clearly totally underestimated this band, because I thought their Copenhell concert would be a mediocre “nice” experience with a few hundred fans. In the early afternoon when they were doing soundchecks, noone seemed to give a damn, so that only strengthened my low expectations. Boy, did I get served. My gf and I went to the stage a little early to enjoy our beer in a bit of elbow room. We chatted up by the front of the stage for somewhat 30 minuttes, when I looked behind me and saw an ocean of people showing up. The show started and I was litterally blown away – and joygasmed by the thrill of being in front of the stage! At Copenhell I enjoyed huge names like Iron Maiden, Korn and Judas Priest, yet Thundermother was hands down the best experience (closely followed by Myrkur).
The special experience was probably Filippa punishing my cam with her crazy riffs – I’ll see if I can add the video to my comment. And there was a really wonderful experience which didn’t really include the band:
A guy behind us was screaming “Filippa I want your guitar pick!!” over and over. When she finally threw it, a guy next to us caught it. The show ended and the guy who was screaming was really bummed out, like he was going to cry. Then the guy who had caught the pick went over to the screamer guy and handed him the pick. They didn’t know each other, but the hug was such a beautiful bromance moment. It was heartwarming! ❤️

Jeff Allen

A amazing show in Portland Oregon rocktober 9 monda center,2022 ,got a great t shirt from the show have there New CD black and gold love the great music

Kevin Mogford

Saw you in Tacoma, I’m a huge Scorpions fan. You rock!!! Took my 24 year old daughter and 15 year old son they loved the concert. If you come to the u.s. we will definitely come. Keep rockin!!

Kyle Jones

Actually got to see the ladies rock TWICE in less than a week here in Texas. Saw them first in Houston with the Scorpions and met them after the show. They were so nice and they signed our B&G CD. Six days later we drove to Austin and saw them in one of their “one off” club shows at Stubbs BBQ. They all allowed us to buy them Stubbs shirts and took photos with us. They were so good and stayed after the show and met everyone and signed for all. Hope to see them next year again in the states. Texas ❤️ Thundermother.

Jens DC

Naja unvergessliche Momente gab es dieses Jahr wohl mehrere, aber vor allem das Konzert in Hamburg, mit Fan-Treffen vor und nach der Show, war mehr als super. Nette, gleichgesinnte Leute kennenzulernen und dazu noch Smalltalk mit der Band, ist wohl immer ein persönliches Highlight.🤘
Natürlich kam mit der Veröffentlichung des tollen, neuen Albums noch ein weiteres Highlight dazu.👍
Ich hoffe jedenfalls das es immerwieder mal solche Momente gibt und die Mädels uns noch lange mit ihrer geilen Musik erfreuen.

Matthias Hoffmann

Kann Jens nur beipflichten,mein besonderer Moment dieses Jahr,war das Konzert von Thundermother in Hamburg🤘🤘🤘und danach das Fantreffen mit den Mädels😊,besonders war es auch für mich,Josie,Trixi,Andre,George und die anderen kennenzulernen,Bilder sprechen Bände 😊

Rickey Boo McCloskey


Jassna Briesenick

Highlight mit Thundermother war Konzert im Tower. Wenn die Vorband so wunderbar gewählt wird, dass man schon komplett abgeholt wird ist es ein perfekter Abend 😊

Sandra Krätschmer

hi everyone, my very special moment was, as I surprisingly discovered Thundermother on YouTube during the lock-down in 2020. Great music, great band!!! I am glad about this discovery. 😀

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