About the Fan Club

This is the official fan club of Thundermother. We are working closely with the band members and the band manager to bring you exciting content.

Meet the Admin Team

An international team to run a global Fan Club!

Meet the admin team: Trixi, Hannes, André, Yasmin and Oli.

The Story

How did the Fan Club begin

The story started in May 2016 when Oli offered to the band to look after the official Facebook fan page. Four years later, we raise the bar to the next level ready to run the biggest fans adventure ever!

During the first 4 years, Oli created a lot of digital assets for the band: tour poster, facebook banner, stickers, magnets, live video, t-shirts, song lyrics artwork, interviews, baseball cards and many more!

In 2019, the idea came to create a German Fan Group on Facebook with Trixi, André, Yasmin and Hannes. The dynamic was so good that we decided to start all together a structured fan club.

Trixi, André, Yasmin and Hannes are building a massive work. They are taking gig pictures, write review, set up fans gatherings and prepare epic surprise for the band members for different opportunities (birthdays, etc.).

And now, we need all the fans to raise their hands and join the craziness of THUNDERMOTHER FAN NATION. Sign up now, it is free!

Exclusive Design


Baseball Cards

When Guernica joined the band, I asked her “what would be your craziest dream?“. She replied in a laugh “Doing baseball cards with the band members!“. So I did them. (and yes, I cut individual 1,100 cards with a x-acto knife…).

There was a competition to win the deck and then they were sold at the merch stand.


This was a private joke with the band when touring in Germany!

t-shirt-donnermutter smaller

Facebook Covers

I made many Facebook covers for the band page:

And also for the fan page:

And a few Tour Posters

This one for the release tour in 2018.
The blank area is left for the venues to add the date and their name.

A single cover

But it had not been approved by the current band manager at that time 🙁


Fun Creations

Fake polaroid pictures from real photos to celebrate Lucia!

Picture to promote the vote for the Kiss Cruise.



Live videos recording and edition. Up to 4 cameras.
See the section Videos.

German Fan Club

André made wristbands.
In the featured picture, the wristbands are worn by the band!
© Pictures by Yasmin Tietz.

Hoodies were made for the admins to be visible on fans gathering.
© Pictures by Yasmin Tietz.

Special beers for the band!

A gift for Filippa’s Birthday.
Link to the post.

A gift for Majsan birthday!
See the post.

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