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October 27, 2023 - Trixi Stumpp

Interview with Linnéa

 my name: Linnéa Vikström Egg 


nickname: My childhood friends call me Lilli but I usually go by Linnéa  


Date of Birth: november 26, 1992  


age: 30  


place of birth: Stockholm  


love/ engaged/ married with: Georg Härnsten Egg, drummer in Dynazty  


favorite artist: Alice Cooper, Dalbello, Chaka Khan, Freddie Mercury among many others 


favorite song: Bat out of hell – Meatloaf  


favorite movie: A Clockwork Orange  


favorite color: Dark purple  


favorite place: Stockholm, Gotland and Florida Keys 


favorite food: Indian and pakistani food. Give me spices!  

what was your job before Thundermother? Parental leave, haha!  


in which band did you play before? Therion and At the movies. Did two tours with Kamelot.  


what else do you want to say to our members?  

Can’t wait to see and get to know you all! I’m really looking forward to this adventure! 

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