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October 27, 2023 - Trixi Stumpp

Interview with Joan

My name: Joan Messing


Date of birth: 30 mars 1993


Age: 30


Place of birth: Moselle, France


Love/engaged/married with:-


Favorite artists: Foo Fighters, Clutch, Ghost, Led Zeppelin, Queen of Stone Age, Porcupine Tree, Massive Attack (mostly rock and blues)


Favorite song:impossible for me to choose…but you can pick up any Foo Fighters´ or Led Zeppelin´s songs 😉


Favorite movie: V for Vanedetta


Favorite color: black (is black a color? Haha)


Favorite place: Amsterdam…but now I know Stockholm, maybe I will change my mind. I also like very much Germany, since I´m living very close from Saarbrucken.


Favorite food: every good food! I like healthy and homemade food (vegetables, pasta), mostly vegetarian


What was your job before Thundermother?:

Drum teacher in two Conservatories in France, so it means a lot of students and also drummer for many bands in France, Germany and Luxembourg.


In which band did you play before?:

Honey Creek (Germany)

Coffee Potes (France)

Héléne Koenig (France)

Johanna Red Band (Luxembourg)

See You at Sunset (France)

Rimini Trio (France)

Solorés (France)


What else do you want to say to our members?:

I wanna thank you for welcoming me in the band and already for your support and all the good vibes you sent me with your messages. I will do my best as a musician and new member of Thundermother. I hope to see you on the tour, to meet you in person and talk about music!

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