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September 16, 2021 - Trixi Stumpp

Welcome MONA

We are so happy to be able to share that Mona The Demon Demona joins this Crazy train called Thundermother! Show her some love.
Now let’s continue conquering the world!
Personal Message from Mona:
“I’ve had the pleasure to meet some of you on the road this summer. But my face might be new to many. Therefore I’ll do a takeover on Thundermother’s IG and Facebook stories this week to answer all questions you might have. So hit me up with all your questions!
Guernica, Filippa and Emlee have all been dear friends of mine for many years. They are amazing musicians and the most driven people I know.
It might seem bold to aim for world domination. Nevertheless, when I see all the hard and determined work that G, F and E do every single day and how it pays off, I am convinced that this is their destiny.
Thundermother is bigger than the band itself. It’s about bringing Rock ‘n’ Roll back to where it should be – blasting from the world’s biggest stages. With that being said, they deserve the most passionate and committed people to work for them on this path and I can not wait to amp up the hard work.
📸: @magicdragonproductions @emeraldpicsbyoh

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