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January 15, 2021 - Oli

Guernica’s Birthday 2021

On January 26th, we will celebrate Guernica’s birthday.
We prepared a crazy surprise but cannot spoil it at the moment.
In the meantime, you can all play a role and drop a wish into the virtual jar! Each wish will become a floating heart.
More to come on the 26.01, stay tuned!

Open the jar of wishes!

To drop a wish, you need to join the fan club or to log in.

Woohooo! Guernica’s birthday is on the 26th of January. At Thundermother Nation, we wanted to make this day unique! We came up with the idea to make a jar with greetings and posted to the German Thundermother fan group that we were planning that surprise. Many fans sent their personal birthday greetings; Trixi wrote each greeting on a small wooden hearts.
The jar was filled up properly and sent to Guernica.

15 thoughts on “Guernica’s Birthday 2021

  1. Your Voice is a gift to all of us from the fanbase and I hope that all our messages are a nice gift for you! Stay healthy, happy and have a nice party with your family. I hope that soon it will be possible that normal concerts could take place and we as the fans can give all the power back through rockin in front of the stage. Keep the flair of whiskey and smoke in your voice!

  2. Dear Guarnica,

    for your birthday I want to wish you all the best!!!
    Have a nice time. May your wishes come true.
    I hope to see you all live again.
    God bless,

  3. Hello Guernica,I congratulate you on your birthday and wish you all the best above all health, stay as you are and keep going so, let it rock
    LG Matthias from Germany

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